Australian Road Express

We value ourselves, our customers and the world around us.


Always adopting a safety first work practice approach in all locations we operate as our number one priority. Commit to our corporate values and objectives. Understand and abide by legal and government compliance.


To agreed performance standards and delivering on our service promises. Design, sell and implement effective transport solutions for customers and customer segments. Focus on meeting and exceeding service delivery to measured standards.


Valuing the customer and addressing their needs. Focus on commercial outcomes for our customers and our shareholders. Take a ‘back to basics’ approach in adopting policies and procedures that allow us to operate with respect and common sense.


Recruit the best people with a common sense approach to transport. Develop and maintain these people.

Our Guiding Principles: the way we work

Our guiding principles are embraced by every single team member at Australian Road Express. This means that each of us demonstrates:

  • A clear and decisive attitude and understanding about safety and the fact that it is our number one core value
  • A willing responsiveness to customers……resulting in a can-do attitude
  • Flexibility and planned improvement based upon clear ideas and targets
  • A focus on providing excellent customer service beyond expectation
  • A commitment to continuous improvement and bespoke innovation
  • A determination to achieve high personal standards.

What sustainability and community mean to us.